Sunday, May 23, 2010

Documents Required With The Society Before Proceeding For Redevelopment.

Documents With The Society:
ü      Society Registration Certificate.
ü      List Of Members And Share Certificates.
ü      Complete Copy of Agreements For Sale/ Resale Of Individual Flats With Stamp Duty Paid And Duly Registered.( Chain Of Agreements If Required )
From Developer / Land Owners:
ü      Development Agreement
ü      Death Certificate Of Owners Of The Land ( Incase Of Death)
ü      Partnership Deed Of The Partners And Registration Document
ü      Sale Agreement With The Builder
ü      Will, Probate Copy, In Case The Development Agreement Is Signed By Legal Heirs
ü      Land Agreement For Development Rights
ü      Copy Of Power Of Attorney Given By Owners In Favour Of The Builders To Develop The Land, Construct The Building And Sell The Flats

City Survey Office / Talathi / Tahsildar Office:
ü      7/12 Extract
ü      KJP ( KamiJastaPatra)
ü      Form No.6 – Property Extract (Hakkache Patra)
ü      Property Registered Card.
ü      City Survey Map/ Tikka Sheets

Collector Office:
ü      N. A. Order
ü      U.L.C. Order ( If Required )
ü      N.A. Tax Paid Receipt

From Local Authority / BMC
ü      BMC Approved IOD Plans.
ü      BMC (Commencement Certificate)
ü      BMC (Occupation Certificate)
ü      BMC (Building Completion Certificate)
ü      BMC (Property Tax Paid)
ü      Location Map

Report From Professional:
ü      Physical  Survey Report - From Architect / Licensed Surveyor Engineer
ü      Last 30 Years Search Report - From An Advocate
ü      Title Clearance Certificate About The Property By An Advocate.

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