Friday, June 18, 2010

DRC (Development Right Certificate)

Development Right Certificate Is Issued By The Commissioner To The Owner/Lessee Whose Plot Of Land Is Reserved For Public Purpose In The Development Plan And Is Eligible For TDR In The Form Of FSI. The Owner/Lessee May Use The DRC For Himself Or Transfer It To Another Person. The Said Owner/Lessee Has The Right To Transfer Excess Development Potential For An Original Plot (Which Can Be In The Island City Or The Suburb) To A Receivable Plot (Which Is Only In The Suburbs And Always North Of The Original Plot).The DRC Will Contain In Figures And In Words The FSI Credit In Square Meters. Of The Built-Up Area To Which The Owner Or Lessee Of The Said Reserved Plot Is Entitled. The Place and Users Zone In Which The DRC Is Earned And The Areas In Which Such Credit Maybe Utilized
Are Also Mentioned:
Restrictions On The Use Of DRC

1.      Irrespective Of The Location Of The Land In Which They Originate, DRC Shall Not Be Used In The Island City. They May Be Used-

¨      On Any Plot In The Same Ward As That In Which They Have Originated (Neither Ward Being In The Island City) Or

¨      On Any Plot Lying To The North (Wholly Or Partially) Of The Plot In Which They Have Originated (But  Not In The Island City)

2.  A DRC Shall Not Be Valid For Use On Receivable Plots In The Areas Listed Below:

¨      Between The Tracks Of The Western Railway And On The Swami Vivekananda Road;
¨      Between The Tracks Of Western Railway And Western Express Highway
¨      Between The Tracks Of The Central Railways (Main Line) And The Lal Bahadur Shastri Road:
¨      On Plots Falling Within 50m On Roads On Which No New Shops Are Permitted As Specified In Sub-Regulation (2) Of Regulation 52.
¨      Coastal Areas And Areas In No Development Zones, Tourism Development Zones, And Area For Which The Bombay Metropolitan Region Development Authority Or Maharashtra Housing And Area Development Authority Is The Special Planning Authority;
¨      On Plots For Housing Schemes Of Slum Dwellers For Which Additional FSI Is Permissible Under Sub- Regulation (10) Of Regulation 33;
¨      Area Where The Permissible FSI  Is Less Than 1.0

3. A DRC Shall Be Issued By The Commissioner Himself As A Certificate Printed On Bond Paper    
In The Appropriate Form Prescribed By The Commissioner. Such A Certificate Will Be Transferable  
As A “Negotiable Instrument” After Due Authentication By The Commissioner. The Commissioner 
Shall Maintain A Register In A Form Considered Appropriate By Him Of All Transactions Etc. 
Relating To Grant Of Utilization Of DRC.  

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