Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What Is FSI?

It Stands For Floor Space Index And In Respect Of A Plot Of Land It Denotes The Square Meter Area Which Can Be Constructed Upon That Plot Of Land. It Is The Ratio Of The Combined Gross Floor Area Of The Entire Building To The Total Area Of The Plot On Which It’s Stands It Is To Be Noted That FSI In Respect Of The Plot Varies Depending Upon The Location And The User Zone Of The Plot.
As Per Regulation 15.2.1(C) Of The Development Control Regulations For Mumbai Metropolitan Region, 1999, ‘Floor Space Index’ Means The Ratio Of The Combined gross Floor Area Of All Floors To The Gross Area Of The Plot, Viz.:

Total Covered Area On All Floors      = Floor Space Index
           Gross Plot Area

Thus, Based On The Permissible FSI, Some Additional Square Feet Of Construction Is Allowed On Each Plot Of Land.


  1. gr88!! i like it.. can u help me with some more terms related to this.. thanx

  2. thanks landguruz.i am thankful for all this info what you all share.


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